Fly fishing

Fly fishing

You can visit the Idrijca riverfront within the walking distance of 100 metres, river Trebušica by driving for mere 10 minutes, following the road to the town of Tolmin you can visit the river Bača, a few kilometres more and you arrive to the lake and town Most na Soči, following the valley of river Soča. On the confluence of the rivers Tolminka and Soča, you discover the home of the marble trout and grayling inside of breath-taking emerald river basins. The road from Tolmin continues to Kobarid and Bovec and from there to the valley of Trenta, Lepena and the Koritnica River.
Various fish species, for example the marble trout, brown trout, also crossbreeds such as rainbow fish and grayling amongst others inhabit fishermen-friendly rivers.

For additional information regarding flyfishing permits please check on www.ribiska-druziina-tolmin.si. Regarding guiding and flyfishing course please check www.flyfishing-soca.com.


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