There is a marked forest path on the route from Slap ob Idrijci towards the Šentviška plateau, which is accessible directly from the house. Locals named the path “Pot skozi Žlebi” (“a path through the gutters”), which tells us about the structure of the path, which is overflown with water streams and torrents during heavy rain, subsequently offering sights of karst phenomena. Along the path, which continues to the Roče village, you arrive to Ponikve, where you are left stunned by the majestic church of Saint Mary, a work of one of the most famous Slovenian architects, Jože Plečnik. The panoramic board next to the church allows a better look of the mountains surrounding you.
The 40km long path network, routes and dirt roads are available for hiking, cycling, mountain biking, trekking as well as Nordic walking throughout all four seasons.
The Cerkljanska mountains (?), interlaced with numerous alpine hiking paths, can be accessed from the convenient position of the house. After a mere 20 minute drive to Tolmin, you enter the Alpe Adria route that connects three main regions: Austrian-Carinthian, Slovenia and Friuli-Venezia Giulia. You can also access The Walk of Peace, which brings people with a rich cultural heritage and provinces together from the Alps to the Adriatic Sea.


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