Mountain biking

Mountain biking

The house’s location offers an ideal starting point for many mountain biking trips for every taste and degree of complexity. The dynamism of the meadow covered and thickly forested Šentviška plateau offers mountain-goers to experience the peace and serenity of Mother Nature in its full glory. The local hamlets are connected with numerous paths, which opens many possibilities and options for peaceful cycling on asphalted or macadamised roads. All routes are well marked which allows bikers to travel safely from one village to another and see the sights of the Šentviška plateau. All paths are connected in a 40km route network, since last year it has been made possible for bikers to take on one the highest peak of the plateau, the Črv peak on an altitude of 947 metres. It offers a beautiful view on the Bača ravine, Porezen, the Črna prst – Rodica mountain range, the mighty Krn, the Kanin mountain range, Stol and Matajur.


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