One-day trips

One-day trips

Slap ob Idrijci is the right place for one-day trips around Slovenia.
Idrija, a historic as well as the oldest mining town in Slovenia under the protection of UNESCO, is only 30 minutes away by car. A half-millennium mining tradition left behind a rich cultural heritage of technical and culturally historic landmarks, such as museums and authentic exhibition facilities. There is also the famous Idrija lace and the local culinary offer of the famous dumplings called “žlikrofi”.
The town of Cerkno is only a twenty minute drive away, where the former military hospital Franja, a national symbol of battle, humaneness and heroism in the long fought battle against fascism and Nazism during World War II.
The Museum of Kobarid, winner of the European museum of the Year Award in 1993, testifies and warns about the events and tragedies of World War I, which is only a 30-minute drive from the house.
After an hour of driving, you can visit Goriška brda, a landscape of invigorating moments, the famous fruits such as cherry and apricot, the home of one of the finest wines and olive oil in Europe. If you enjoy fine dining and wine, you can have an organised tour of some of the best wine cellars in Slovenia.
The Postojna cave with all of its might and rare and fascinating wildlife is located further into Central Slovenia. Full of tunnels, caves and a wonderful example of the karst underground, the Postojna cave offers guided tours to ones who wish to experience one of Slovenia’s biggest national treasures. A few kilometres away you can visit the Predjama Castle; scenic, magnificent, daring, puzzling and unattainable.
From Idrija you can travel to Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana. The city tailored by man’s design, crisscrossed with small streets with scenic views and pleasant places, which are sure to surprise you.
Moreover, a little further to the seaside… the beautiful city of Piran, Grado with its lagoon, Duino with the castle and back to Karst, into the embrace of beautiful autumn colours of rock and sumac.


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